How can I help you?

Do you need focused, tightly written articles about HIV, hepatitis C and related topics?
Having been involved with work around HIV for more than a decade, I am familiar with the history of research into this virus. While working for a nonprofit organization, I learned first-hand how stigma, lack of healthcare access and other social determinants impact people living with HIV.

Do you know or suspect that not all resources may be in English?
Because of my work as a German-English translator and fluency in other languages (Spanish, French), I can research a given topic across countries. This skill allows me to verify facts and provide background information that may not be available to monolingual writers.

Do you need the article by a fixed deadline?
After consistently meeting all deadlines – no matter how tight – during my decade-plus career as a translator, my clients agree: you can rely on me. Read what they have to say.

Is space for the article limited?
My tight, focused writing style is perfect if length matters – I never exceed the word limit and usually remain below it.

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