Writing for Global Audiences

Do many of your readers reside outside English-speaking countries? Or do they reside in the US, UK or Australia, but are not fluent in English? Do you need help communicating with these readers? You have come to the right place.

I have given a number of presentation on writing for global audiences, most recently at the 2015 conference of the American Medical Writers Association in San Antonio, Texas. Here is a list of my presentations.

Over the years, I have edited documents for various organizations that included members with limited English skills, as well as a speech delivered to an immigrant audience. One of my recent projects involved not only translating a presentation into English, but also adapting that translation for an audience of Russian speakers.

While I was handling the IT needs of a non-profit organization, I also wrote training materials to teach basic computer skills in a shelter for women who had experienced domestic violence that was run by the organization. Some of the women being trained had limited English literacy skills, and several had dropped out of high school. I wrote my materials for that specific audience.

I am now extremely fluent in US English, but that was not always so. As a child in Austria I struggled to understand the baseball references in Peanuts comics and similar cultural concepts. Living in an ethnically diverse neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY, I sometimes find myself “interpreting” communications from government offices, schools, etc. for some of my neighbors whose English skills are limited and whose native languages I do not speak.